Sisterhood Membership

The TBJ Sisterhood Board invites you to join us in membership.

Who are the women on the Board?

Current Sisterhood Board
President Rebecca Shaffer
Immediate Past Presidents Wendy Beckerman, Nancy Chavannes, and Jody Gast
Treasurer and Gift Shop Nancy Chavannes
Secretary Team Jody Gast and Silvia Klein
Membership Team Tyia Hahn
Social Media and Communication Team Lindsey Pletcher
Monthly Programs Wendy Beckerman
Archives Jody Kohlmen

is membership renewal month. Your financial support goes toward Women of Reform Judaism and the

projects, programs, and events of the TBJ Sisterhood.

Women of Reform Judaism is our national organization. Get to know WRJ online at  If you want to join Yammer, ask for an invitation to join by submitting your information to: Supporting WRJ promotes sisterhood, spirituality, and social good, strengthening Reform Jewish women around the globe. WRJ is our partner in developing programming in support of women’s engagement, hosting events and programs, and advocating for social justice.

WRJ Midwest is the district we belong to. It is a resource for idea sharing and problem solving. Our District sponsors Kallah – a weekend long retreat open to all members where we share ideas, celebrate Shabbat, attend educational workshops, and build friendships. WRJ Midwest also holds leadership conferences and area programs. Our Sisterhood can request speakers on a variety of topics. Get to know WRJ Midwest online at

Your dues are only part of joining TBJ Sisterhood. Joining in on programs, projects, and events is where
you meet women of TBJ. Volunteering engages you with living life Jewishly. We have a ready-made slate for
you to begin. We have a list of possibilities to inspire you. Perhaps you have your own ideas; bring them to
the board!

There are many ways to support TBJ Sisterhood. Send in your dues, you will support WRJ and local programs, projects, and events! Come to programs, projects, and events, you will be welcome! Volunteer, you will have fun and be enriched! However you choose to participate, know that you are welcome as you are.
We would love to get to know you better!