Kaufman A

As I write this post, we are amid an outbreak of COVID cases, in the days after the Presidential election, and heading into a time of year when it is colder and darker. Many people are anxious and rightly so. Though today there is still much uncertainty about the election and days ahead, we look forward to a future full of hope.

And so we pray:

We pray that the days ahead will ones full of health and security as we confront a new wave of COVID infections.

We pray that the darkness of the shorter days of winter will be full of light and gladness in our homes and in our hearts.

We pray for the well-being of our very divided nation.

We pray for the wisdom and loving-kindness of its leaders, for their health and well-being, and for their success at bringing health, safety, and prosperity to its residents.


We pray that our nation will be blessed in coming years as Adonai promised Abraham that he and his descendants would be blessed:

“I will make you into a great nation,

and I will bless you.

I will make your name great,

and you will be a blessing.

I will bless those who bless you,

and whoever curses you I will curse.

And all peoples on earth

will be blessed through you.”


May our nation fulfill the greatness of its abundant possibilities.

May it provide blessings for all of us and specifically for the most vulnerable among us.

May those who bless our nation be blessed for having done so.

And may all the peoples of the earth be blessed because of us.

May the next four years for our nation be filled with prosperity and hope, health and safety, love and kindness, and above all, Shalom, the blessing of a sense of peace, contentment, and well-being.

And let us say, “Amen!”

Rabbi David Kaufman