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Our next fiscal year is beginning with a fresh start! Over the past several weeks, the Temple Board has started planning a year filled with programming and events for everyone. As with any new fiscal year, I’d like to introduce your Temple Board and Vision Teams for 2018/2019. Find a Vision Team that you are interested in and volunteer. Simply email or call the Vision Leader who is leading their respective Vision Teams. Below, is a list of the teams and descriptions of each.

This is a wonderful opportunity to actively get involved and support Temple, the congregation and your community. Whether you’re interested in a short-term task, a long-term project or something in between, there’s a place for you as a volunteer. Whether it’s event planning, music, number crunching, building social connections, designing educational opportunities, graphic design, landscaping, working with seniors, supporting our youth group, overseeing spiritual life, Temple has something for everyone!

President: Alan Adato []

First Vice President: Gabrielle Callistein [] Second Vice President: Dana Dickson []

Secretary: Audrey Porter []

Treasurer: Linda Cohen []

Immediate Past President: Judy Shkolnick []

Worship Vision Leader: Mark Davis []

Music Vision Leader: Laura Sparks []
Worship and Music are the most important aspects of Temple. Have an interest in worship and music? Then this is your team.

  • Shabbat (Classic, Family and Music)
  • High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur)
  • Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Purim and Hanukkah
  • Worship Materials, Spaces and Services

Membership Vision Leader: Sarah Mansfield []

Identification of Potential Members Team: Can you strike up a conversation with others? This team may be for you! Create and implement ways to reach out to potential members.

New Members Team: Have a great personality and can welcome our new members? This team will connect with new members and provide support as they become engaged in Temple membership.
– Dues Setting
– Orientation – Programming
– Welcoming (Involvement and Volunteering)
– Mentoring members who recently converted and those who are in the process of converting.

Members Retention Team: Enjoy speaking with people of all ages? This Team works with all members and creates new and fun ways to keep them engaged in Temple. – Programming (Congregation-wide)

IT/Communications Vision Leader: Samantha Kemp Carlin []
Do you love to create and market products and Services? Have an interest in communicating events and programs to our Temple congregants? Support is needed on a wide variety of projects involving technology and communications.

– Branding
– Website
– Bulletin (Quarterly)
– Social Media
– Surveys
– Ombudsman

Education Vision Leader: Sally Frank []
Do you enjoy creating educational programming and curriculum for all ages? The Education Team works on creating new and existing programming for a meaningful Jewish experience.

– Adult Education
– B’nai Mitzvot
– Torah Study
– Library
– Archives

  • Youth Group Team: Work with our youngest members to create and support great events and programming.

Finance Vision Leader: Bill Grund []
Enjoy crunching numbers on paper or in an Excel spreadsheet? Then the Finance Team is for you! Assist in a variety of ways from dues reassessment to fundraising.

– Endowment Investment Committee
– Endowment Managers
– Development
– Dues Reassessment
– Fundraising
– Special Events

Building and Grounds Leader: Ben Swartz []
Are you a fixer-upper with a knack for restoration? Enjoy getting your hands dirty? The Building and Grounds Team works on projects including land- scaping, building maintenance and recommends projects that need to be addressed. Will also include projects related to our cemetery.

– Building and Grounds Security
– Cemetery

Social Action Vision Leader: Rachele Hjelmaas []

• Social Action Team: Enjoy helping others who need our assistance? Do you want to make a difference in the community and meet great people? The Social Action Team coordinates events to help those in need. Whether a building project with Habitat for Humanity or serving a meal at a homeless shelter, help coordinate social action events across our community.

– Programming (Congregation-wide)
– Youth Group

• Community Relations Team: Do you have a passion for meeting with people from other religious backgrounds? The Community Relations Team organizes events that bring the religious community together. As a representative from Temple, you’ll engage with other religious institutions to establish and sustain meaningful and productive relationships.

• Caring Team: Are you a compassionate person? Want to make a difference to those in our Temple community needing a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on? Includes coordinating and reaching out to those who have suffered a loss of a family member, scheduling meals and organizing rides so our elderly can attend services and other events.

I hope each of you engages in one or more of the Vision Teams. I’m excited on what all of us can do in our own special way to make a difference in our congregation and community.

I look forward to seeing you over the High Holidays at Temple.

Alan Adato