Muenchrath A

As you know creating a safe and secure location has been a priority at the Temple B’nai Jeshurun. Our security system has not yet been completely updated, but as you have hopefully noticed our doors have been replaced and you can enter through those doors if you have an access card.

Because of this we will now be issuing a card to any and all congregants that request one. These cards will allow you to enter the facility through the Grand Avenue entrance, the north entrance off the parking lot, and the main entrance to the lower level. You will only have access to the building on Friday nights and Saturday mornings. Your first card will be free, but if you lose your card it is imperative that you report that to Temple staff and you will be charged a replacement fee.

We will continue to unlock doors 15 minutes prior to the start of an event and lock them 15 minutes after the start of that event. Greeters will continue to monitor entrances and we will have off-duty police officers present for events with more than 50 people present.

If you have any questions about our security polices or would like to get an access card please contact me at or call the Temple office.

We would like to begin offering the Temple as a delivery site for our congregants who are concerned about their packages. I think we have all heard stories of packages being stolen right off porches, but you may not have heard the stories about businesses, churches, and synagogues offering to be delivery site for their customers, congregants, and neighbors.

As you know the Temple is open Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and our staff is often here outside of those hours. So there is almost always someone here to receive a package and safely store it. When someone isn’t here to receive a package it isn’t simply left on a porch, rather the delivery companies know to come back the next day. If you had a package delivered to the Temple you could stop by during normal business hours or before you came for services or for a meeting to pick up your package. For example you could place an order on Wednesday and with two-day shipping come to the Temple for Erev Shabbat to pick up your package.

Right now we are just trying to gage interest. If you would be interested in using the Temple as a delivery site, contact me at At this time there would be no charge for this service, but would ask that you make a free will offering to help maintain the Temple if you are able. It’s just a simple way our staff thought we could be of greater service to you.


David Muenchrath