As we all know, this past winter was especially harsh and we are still feeling the effects of all the ice and snow that accumulated. Just as you have to pay special attention when driving right now to avoid the many potholes left in the wake of this winter weather, I would ask that you pay special attention when you come to the Temple in the coming months. If you see any damage to our building or property please let Charles Stanton or I know as soon as possible. There is some damage and leaks that we have already found and are working to repair, but it is very possible we have missed something or that some new damage has been caused. Charles and I are very committed to maintaining the Temple and making sure we resolve issues before they become a major problem.

On the topic of repairs to the building I just thought I would let you know that the drinking fountain located on the upper level right next to the kitchen has been repaired. We had a very generous donor come forward to supply the funds we needed to make these repairs and Charles worked very closely with a few plumbers to get everything up and running properly. So I hope you will enjoy a drink the next time you come to the Temple.

Lastly, now that spring has finally arrived that means it’s time to prepare for one of our largest annual events, our community Passover Seder. One thing that I want you all to be aware of is a change to how food will be served at the Passover Seder. Instead of having servers come to your table with food, the main course will be served “Marriot” buffet style. Your table will be dismissed to go through the buffet line, and while you wait for your turn to go through the buffet line a dessert tray will be brought to your table. This change should cut down on the level of congestion that occurs during the diner, and help keep the food you receive warmer and tasting better. If you or someone at your table will need help getting a plate please know that that there will be servers available to help with that. If you have any questions about these changes feel free to contact me.

Again, now that spring is here there is so much for us to look forward to, and I want you to know I look forward to seeing so many of you at our Passover Seder or any of the other great events we have coming up.Muenchrath A

Shalom, David Muenchrath