Muenchrath A

As many of you may know Christ Community Church, who rents from the Temple, has been meeting outside in the large field west of the Temple for their services this summer. With the weather beginning to turn colder they requested to move inside of our facility beginning November 1st. Our Temple Board met on October 13th to discuss the matter and approved their use of the social hall and conference rooms.

At this time they plan to expect roughly 35 people in the building on Sunday mornings. They plan to use the social hall and the Loeb conference room primarily, with the Swartz conference room use for any one on one meetings. They are asking that their congregants not participate in singing at the services and they will have one music leader on the stage with a plexiglass barrier in front of them. As they were for their outdoor services Christ Community Church will continue to follow CDC guidelines for mask use and social distancing when they meet inside our building.

In order to improve the air quality inside our building moving forward, Christ Community Church and the Temple have agreed to split the cost of some portable air purifiers that both our congregations will be able to use. In addition to the portable air purifiers, we have upgraded the air filters in our air handler to MERV15 air filters to create the safest possible environment we can inside our building.

At this time our Board is not planning to begin indoor in person services for our congregation. Making the decision to return to indoor in person services is not one either of our congregations is taking lightly. As soon as we feel it is safe to do so we will let you know our plan for indoor in person services. Until that time we ask that you continue to participate in our online programing and support the Temple as you so generously have these past months.


Thanks and Be Well,

David Muenchrath


*Please note due to the increasing rate of COVID-19 cases in Iowa Christ Community Church and Temple leaders have spoken and everyone has agreed to suspend all in person services until the end of November. We will continue to communicate with each other and let you know if any in person services resume.