Muenchrath A

As many of you have likely heard, our Facility Manager, Charles Stanton, and his wife Amanda are expecting their 7th child, and by the time you are reading this that child will have arrived. At the time I am writing this, the birth hasn’t happened yet so I can’t give you any details, but make sure to wish him Mazel Tov the next time you see him.

Charles will be back with us for the High Holidays, and it will be all hands on deck, as this will be the first High Holidays since 2019 that we will be gathering with no restrictions. Though there will be no restrictions on the number of people who can attend, and masks will continue to be optional, as always, we ask that you use your best judgement before joining us. IF YOU ARE SICK, PLEASE STAY HOME. Even as more vaccines for COVID-19 become available we know that it can still be very serious for our vulnerable members, and we don’t want to spread Covid or any other diseases this High Holidays.

We continue to have masks available for anyone who wants one, hand sanitizer will placed throughout the building, and we will continue to use our portable air purifiers to create as safe of an environment as possible. If you do not feel comfortable joining us inside, we will once again have a tent set up outside and stream the services in the tent.

As always, we want as many of our members as possible to join for the High Holidays, but we recognize that a two hour plus service can be a bit much for our youngest members. To that end we will once again be offering babysitting throughout the High Holidays. We will have two rooms for babysitting; our childcare room will be for children 6 and under, and the youth lounge will be open for children 7 and up. If you know in advance that you will want to take advantage of the babysitting, please contact Erin or me in the office.

Lastly, we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to create a secure environment here at the Temple. Over the past six months our Temple staff and several of our members have received training from law enforcement officials and emergency personnel on how to handle myriad situations. In addition to that we will have five off-duty police officers on site for the High Holidays, and we will have additional staff helping with our audio-visual needs so that Charles and I will be available to deal with other situations as they arise.

I hope that you can tell that we have been hard at work to create a safe and secure environment, and we want everyone who joins us for the High Holidays to feel welcomed and comfortable. I hope to see you in September and wish you all Shana Tova.

Be well,

David Muenchrath

Executive Director