Muenchrath A

Dear Temple Members,

We have finally come to the end of our High Holiday services for 5782. One thing that I am very happy to report is that no one has contacted the Temple letting us know they have contracted COVID-19. It is my sincere hope that the mitigation efforts we have taken here at Temple B’nai Jeshurun have been effective and that we can continue to create a safe environment for everyone who attends services and events at the Temple.

Livestreaming our services is another way we are allowing people to participate in our services and events safely. We are continuing to see how we can improve what we offer to those livestreaming from home to make the experience better. For example, we will begin to publish our Friday night programs on our website as a PDF that you can view as you watch the services. We also recently purchased a PTZ camera that should allow us to zoom in and out and remotely move the camera, which should give us better picture quality for services.

As you hopefully know, our Friday night services are available to watch live on the Temple’s website ( and on the Temple’s Facebook page. Did you know that you can watch a complete archive of our videos on Vimeo? Go to Vimeo and search for Temple B’nai Jeshurun or type into your web browser and you should see a complete archive of the videos we have recorded. From there you can follow our account, get updated when we add new content, and share or download videos.

If you have any suggestions about how we can continue to improve our livestreaming offerings, please feel free to reach out to me at I have appreciated those regular viewers who have let me know there have been issues. All this technology is new to us, and there are bound to be technical issues. The sooner we know about them the sooner we can address them.

So, no matter where you are watching (and I am always amazed to see we have viewers in Israel, the UK, and Germany) let us know how we are doing.  Together we will create a meaningful experience whether you are attending services in person or watching them at home.


David Muenchrath,

Executive Director