Muenchrath A

It’s hard to believe but both Erin and I recently celebrated our 10-year work anniversaries as employees of the Temple. Erin started working for the Temple in November of 2011 and I started my employment a few months later in February of 2012. I know that we are both so grateful for the opportunity the Temple gave us, and that over these past ten years the congregation has felt like a second family to us.

For both Erin and I a lot has changed in our personal lives over the last 10 years. We both welcomed two children into our own families, and it has been a great blessing for us that our children could participate in many activities here at the Temple. If you haven’t had the chance to meet them, hopefully someday you will. I thought it was great that my youngest, Walter, recently said that his favorite holiday is Purim because he likes the triangle cookies and that you get to eat pizza. I think we are all looking forward to some hamantaschen as get ready for Purim.

Of course, Erin and I are not the only ones with an important anniversary to celebrate. If don’t know the Temple is going to celebrate it’s sesquicentennial or 150th anniversary in 2023.  Currently, we don’t have any definitive plans, but it is definitely on our minds. For example, I was recently talked to our old Facility Manager, Jack Huff, about an old time-capsule buried on the Temple grounds. We are pretty sure we found it, but we’ll definitely need some help digging if we want to unearth this capsule.

As I said, there are no definitive plans for our sesquicentennial yet, but I want it to be on all of our minds. If you have some ideas as to how you would like to celebrate this anniversary please share those with me or with any member of our Temple Board. After the High Holidays we will begin planning for our sesquicentennial in earnest.

For Erin and myself THANK you for these last ten years, and I hope that we are all looking forward to the next 150 years of our congregations.

Be well,

David Muenchrath

Executive Director