Muenchrath A

2020 has continued to prove to be a year that most of us will never forget. Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought the word “derecho” would become a regular part of my vocabulary. Thankfully that storm caused minimal damage to the Temple and the section of Woodland cemetery we manage. Losing a little bit of food in our freezers and refrigerators is nothing compared to some of the devastation this storm caused throughout our state.

Of course, this storm served as a great reminder that we will endure no matter what we face, and we will endure these challenges together. For example, I made an offhand comment at our August board meeting that we only had small branches down at Woodland cemetery that needed to be raked and if anyone wanted to get some good outside exercise they could help rake those up. The next thing I knew piles of little branches and sticks started showing up around the cemetery. Again we will face these challenges together and by helping one another.

Not only do I want to thank those who helped us out during the derecho, but I want to thank all of our members who are helping and supporting the Temple. There are a number of congregations and not-for-profits that are struggling during the pandemic. Thankfully the Temple is not in that situation.

As you know, every year we ask members to reevaluate their annual Dues and ask that members increase their Dues by 3%. Almost all of our members have been able to do this and many have raised their annual gift to the Temple by more than 3%. In these still uncertain times that is a huge gift and again I can’t thank those members enough.

Lastly, as we move forward I wanted to let you know that we will continue to have limited staff at the Temple during the week. Typically, Erin and I will be alternating who will be in the office, while the other works from home. So there will almost always be someone at the Temple during normal business hours. We will continue to stream services and we are currently in the process of updating our lighting and video equipment in the sanctuary.  In this way we hope to  stay connected to all of you so that we can endure the challenges we face.

Thanks and Be Well,

David Muenchrath