Muenchrath A

At the Annual Meeting we were hoping to close out the fiscal year with a surplus and indeed we did. Fiscal Year 2019 ended with a $26,000 surplus. That surplus has been put aside and the Temple Board of Directors will be deciding how to distribute those funds. Some of the funds will likely go towards paying back what the Temple owes to its endowment, and some of the funds will be used to help offset the expenses of the major building improvement we have planned for Fiscal Year 2020.

As you may know some of the equipment in our kitchen is 30-plus years old, and maintaining that equipment is becoming an impossible task. For example there just are no parts made that can be used to repair our ovens at this point.  As a result it was decided to replace much of the equipment in the kitchen this fiscal year. At this time we will be replacing the ovens, the refrigerator, and the ice machine.

I am currently getting bids to replace this equipment and this will be no small project. The cost to replace the stove and ovens may be close to $20,000. We will be looking at all of our options in order to be fiscally responsible as we make these decisions about our kitchen.

To make things more complicated we noticed when we measured our current equipment that none would fit through the existing doors in the kitchen. I consulted with our former Facility Manager Jack Huff who informed us the closet that was used for the Sisterhood Gift Shop was originally an entrance into the kitchen. Knowing that we will again need to move equipment in and out of the kitchen through that entry, we have demoed that closet. If you are in the social hall you won’t notice a thing, but if you are in the kitchen you will notice an opening where once there was a wall.

I hope to update you on this project in the coming months. On the topic of updates we are on schedule to make all our security updates prior to the High Holidays. Currently our doors are being built and should be installed by the end of August or the beginning of September. Security cameras should be installed any day now. You may have noticed the pole that was installed in our front lawn. A 360 degree camera will be mounted on that pole to monitor the entire front of our sanctuary and some of our parking lot. There will be four other cameras installed that will give us complete video surveillance of our grounds.

It’s definitely exciting that we are making these great improvements to our facility. Again I hope to update via our weekly e-mails and bulletins as these projects are completed.


David Muenchrath