This year we had nearly 170 people attend our community Seder. It was one of the most successful Seder’s we have had at Temple. I wanted to start with that great bit of news because I feel it says something about our community. It tells us that we are a community rooted in faith and love, that we love living and sharing that faith, and that we let that love and faith guide us in a positive direction.

Over the past 12 months it’s hard to believe that there have been two attacks on Jewish places of worship here in the United States. Our hearts continue to go out to the families and congregations affected by those horrible events, as we stand with the Jewish community in support of all faiths that have been impacted by violence and hate.

Even before those attacks occurred we were looking at ways to improve our security here at Temple. Thanks to a grant from the Federal Government we are making those proposed security improvements a reality. Those improvements should be completed by the end of July. If you have questions or want more information about the security measures we have taken and plan to take, please feel free to contact me.

Those two attacks were definitely dark clouds over these last 12 months, but we have so much to celebrate here at Temple. We had a great Seder, we completed work on and dedicated a new chapel, we had a wonderful fundraising gala, and we did a lot of little things that you might not have noticed. Maybe you didn’t notice the new hangers in the closet or the air pots coffee dispensers, but it’s these little things that can make world of difference in making our Temple a warm and welcoming place.

In addition to having a great year of programming we decided to make one major staffing change. Charles Stanton will become a full time employee of Temple. Over the past two years Charles has done a fantastic job maintaining the Temple. We are so fortunate to have Charles continue to be a part of our Temple family and congratulate him on a well-deserved promotion.

So as we prepare for a new fiscal year it is my sincere hope that the next 12 months be a time to celebrate all our congregation has to offer and that we will all see the love that binds us together as a community.Muenchrath A


David Muenchrath