Muenchrath A

If you missed the Annual Meeting I spoke about the Temple projecting a $30,000 surplus for the 2017/2018 fiscal year. Now that the books are closed, we ended the fiscal year with a $34,212 surplus. After some discussion with the Temple Board of Directors it was decided to take $10,000 of this surplus and pay back what was owed to the Temple’s Endowment from the previous year’s deficit, and to take the remaining $24,212 and establish a Capital Improvement Reserve Fund. This fund will be used for projects such as replacing roofs, entrance doors, and other improvements to our facility.

As we begin a new fiscal year our goal is to raise an additional $25,000 for this fund without having to do a special appeal or assessment. That is one of the reasons you received a letter at the beginning of this fiscal year to look at your current situation and evaluate what you can give to the Temple as an Annual Contribution. A handful of Temple members have already done a self-assessment and raised their Annual Contribution by more than 3%.

When everyone raises their Annual Contribution by 3% it nets the Temple roughly an extra $10,000, and that offsets the cost of living increases we give to Temple employees and the increases we see in the Temple’s operating expenses. This is why the budget that was presented at the Annual Meeting had a $30,000 deficit. We realize we need to continue to raise more funds so that we can start saving for future Temple expenses.

There are three ways we essentially see how we will be able raise these funds. First, having our members evaluate their Annual Contribution and increase their dues by more than the standard 3%. Second, planning fundraising events. In the coming months you will be hearing about these events. Lastly, there will be an effort made to reach out to our members and discuss how they can help through a financial gift or a gift in kind.

An example of a gift in kind would be the light bulbs that are currently in the chandelier. As you enter the sanctuary you will notice how much brighter and cleaner the chandelier looks. Thanks to Charles and Jake, they lowered, cleaned, and replaced all the light bulbs in the chandelier. We are grateful for Temple member Larry Kirsner, owner of L Kirsner Enterprises LED Lighting Company, for donating the light bulbs which saved the Temple money. In addition, all of the light bulbs are energy-efficient LED bulbs which will provide a long-term cost savings in our electric bill.

Shalom, David Muenchrath