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The Temple is acquiring new Mishkan Hanefesh prayerbooks for the High Holidays to replace our old Gates Of Repentance prayerbooks.  You can donate a prayerbook with a personalized nameplate.  Fill out this form and return it to the Temple Office.  The regular addition is $72.00 and a large print edition is $118.00.

"Gates of Repentance was a wonderful innovation in its time. Incorporating more Hebrew and traditional liturgy allowed for a feeling of renewed tradition in the High Holy Days. Adding gender-neutral language addressed many of the contemporary needs of the Reform world. Today, our needs go beyond gender neutral language – the basic meaning of the holidays needs to be addressed and updated. Mishkan HaNefesh gives both the prayer leader and the community a wealth of resources for finding new meaning in these High Holy Days. Through updated translations, readings, and poetry, as well as easily accessible transliteration and new liturgical innovations, Mishkan HaNefesh breathes new life into High Holy Day services."

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