YouthGroup 2018

This past month has been a very exciting one for the Youth Group. We started out with our Temple’s annual Hanukkah Happenings. The youth group got the pleasure of setting up all the games for the event beforehand, and had a little fun testing them all out while we did it. Afterwards the youth group ran all the games and activities and had the opportunity to display our leadership to the younger children while having a great time ourselves.

Later in the month the first ever Beit cafe talent show took place. We had many great participants that came and showed off their amazing talents including; yo-yo tricks, singing, piano and clarinet playing, and many more. I think the youth group agreed it was an exciting event and was a hit for everyone.

Lastly this month the youth group had their annual youth group lock in, which is always a favorite event of the year. This year we had pizza, watched movies, and played our very own version of Minute to Win It. We shared some laughs as we all showed a little of our competitive side in some pretty challenging games. This month was a good one for the youth group and we hope to see everyone at the events to come!  

Hanna Marcus
Temple Youth Group President