israel trip
The Temple community has been invited to join Temple Judah of Cedar Rapids for an Iowa trip to Israel.  Rabbi Todd Thalblum of Temple Judah and Rabbi Kaufman plan to go on the trip which will take place June 9-18, 2018.  The trip is designed to be an introductory trip to Israel, visiting the major sites.  For more information visit the Trip Website, or contact Rabbi Kaufman for more information.

Worship Schedule

27 Oct 2017
05:30PM - 07:00PM
Erev Shabbat
03 Nov 2017
05:00PM - 08:00PM
Family Shabbat / Potluck Dinner

Programs and Events

28 Oct 2017
04:30PM -
Sofia Taran Mann Bat Mitzvah
04 Nov 2017
10:00AM -
Sadie Gallic Bat Mitzvah