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The relationships we build here at the Temple are hopefully something we all value. Those relationships are what will connect us to the Temple from generation to generation. I’ve been very mindful of that working with our staff over the past few months.

Jack Huff had to retire a few years ago due to health issues, but it’s been great to work with him and his family as they plan to celebrate his 75th birthday on August 12 at 4 p.m. Jack still has a great wealth of stories and knowledge about the Temple that we still sometimes turn to when we have some questions. If you are interested in sending Jack a birthday greeting please contact the office for details.
As you may know Jacob Heilman is working on a very limited basis for the Temple as he has begun to work full time for his family’s construction company. We are grateful for all the years of service Jake has given to the Temple, and even more grateful for his willingness to still help when he is available and there is the need.

Charles Stanton was hired two years ago and has really done an amazing job of maintaining and organizing the Temple. We have asked him to do more and more of the maintenance and upkeep of the building, and even with all the hard work Charles puts in he could use some more help.

We are looking to hire an additional part-time staff person to help with events and maintenance at the Temple. I wanted to bring this up in my article because we have the best luck finding people to fill these part-time positions through the referral and recommendation of our Temple congregants. Maybe you have a relationship with someone that would be a good fit at the Temple.

It was someone from the Temple who referred and recommended Jake begin working at the Temple. Charles had done some odd jobs for congregants before he started to work here, and those referrals were one of the main reasons I felt confident hiring him.

Before we do a formal search for a new employee I would love to know if any of you might know someone interested working part-time at the Temple. I have a job description for this part-time position ready and would be happy to share that with anyone interested in working here. Please have any referrals contact me via e-mail at

Shalom, David Muenchrath

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